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    “The Most 5 Star Recommended and reviewed Newcastle Pest Control Company”

    Pest Control NewcastleHunter & Coast Pest Control are a 5-star rated business that has been serving customers for over 15 years. We operate 7 days a week and don’t have extra charges for weekend work. We use the safest chemical proven effective to treat a given type of pest and we have a minimal disruption policy so clients can get on with their lives. Our business has been built around solid customer relations.

    We understand that the pest control process has to be as effortless and streamlined as it can be. If you’re dealing with an infestation of roaches or rodents, then you need to get it dealt with asap.

    Because we have multiple specialists working for us, we can get to you within 48 hours. In the pest control industry, it’s of prime importance to deal with an infestation quickly. Our services also come with a 6 month warranty for your peace of mind.

    We offer fast and free quotes and all chemical agents used are child & pet friendly. Fully licenced and insured, Hunter & Coast Pest Control is focused on providing a superb client experience and we have the testimonials to back up this claim.

    Call now on (02) 4956 3169 for a reliable and affordable pest control provider.

    How much does pest control cost in Newcastle?

    The standard cost for pest control in Newcastle would be around $250 – $400 for a general service. This is a whole house service that will take care of a variety of different pests, with the exclusion of termites, German cockroaches, rodents, and select other pests that need specialised treatments. You will need to contact the provider to see what is covered under the general treatment. Cost will be affected by the extent and nature of the infestation, the quality of the provider, how many rooms your house has, and other criteria.

    Types of pests we treat

    Since we began, the number and species of pests we’ve learned to treat has expanded significantly. Our knowledge of how best to deal with them has also grown. As an experienced provider, we treat all major varieties of pest including:

    How long does it take to get rid of pests?

    This will depend on the type of pest in question. Rodents and German cockroaches might need two treatments to ensure they are fully dealt with. Most pests can be completely eliminated within 4 weeks or so. Once a chemical agent is applied, the colony/nest will start to die off. The majority will be dead within 3 weeks. But if even one survives, the entire colony will grow back.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Pest Control in Newcastle

    Of course. Consider that the average cost of a repair due to a termite infestation is $7,000. On the other hand, the cost of a termite inspection can run as low as $200. It’s certainly worth the inspection. Aside from structural damage, there are multiple health risks associated with pests. Cockroaches, fleas, birds, and rodents are notorious for carrying various kinds of diseases. They defecate everywhere and destroy food and water supplies. You can’t afford to do without pest control services.

    It depends on the severity of the infestation. If it’s termites, rodents, cockroaches, or bed bugs, then you will definitely want to use professional services. They need to be eliminated immediately and you can’t afford to mess around with home remedies. But there are still certain activities you’ll want to undertake. Make sure your home is fully sanitised and clean. Ensure that all food is tucked away at night and vacuum your home thoroughly. This will certainly help, though it will do little to actually eliminate an infestation.

    An annual inspection is recommended to determine whether there are any pests in the home. How often you need pest control depends on how often you have an infestation! If you have smart home design and clean your home regularly, then you might not need to hire pest control services. But the inspection is recommended for safety. There are so many ways that pests can enter a building, from cracks, pipes, windows, doorways, guests, garage openings, etc. You can do all the right things and certain insects will still find a way through.

    The best time of year would be Summer. This is when pest control services are in the highest demand as the temperature and environment tends to attract bugs. But there is no real ‘best’ time for pest control. Whenever you have an infestation is when you will need pest control. There are many types of pest that survive in all climates and conditions.

    Early morning is a good time to spray insecticide, as is the evening time. You don’t want to spray it when the sun is too hot, at midday. You also don’t want to spray it if there is too much wind, and this is something to keep in mind. Don’t spray before rain as it will merely leech into the soil. However, each insecticide will have specific instructions in terms of what time it’s best used. This will have something to do with the activity of the species of pest and what time they tend to operate.

    While this will certainly vary depending on the exact chemical agent used, the typical recommendation will often be 2 – 4 hours. With recent advances, there is no longer any need to spend long hours outside of the home. When you return to the house, you should open the windows for ventilation.

    A chemical agent will be applied to the perimeter of your property. Scorpions like to travel through bushy areas. If bushes and vegetation touch your property, you are more likely to see scorpions in your home. Any chemical containing a compound known as ‘cyfluthrin’ is useful for the elimination of scorpions. Scorpions are not quite as harmful as they are made out but you should still contact an expert for removal. Even if you do remove the scorpion, you have no guarantee that it will stay removed. It could easily come back and pose a potential hazard for you and your family unless exterminated and the mode of entry sealed up.

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    Newcastle Pest Problems and Pest Treatments

    Newcastle, NSW has a humid subtropical climate which means as a result, rainfall is at its heaviest around July or early winter.

    The councils that we service in the Newcastle region are the city of Lake Macquarie, Cessnock, Maitland and Port Stephens council. The location and climate of Newcastle have created ideal conditions for a range of household pests and pest problems with the humble cockroach being the most common. Older suburbs such as Carrington, Wallsend and Cardiff are above average in our experience for pest activity with poorly sealed old weatherboard homes providing the perfect cracks and crevices for harbourage areas for cockroaches, spiders, etc.

    The large town of Newcastle is the second biggest in New South Wales. Located at the mouth of the Hunter River, Newcastle rose to prominence during the coal industry and its harbour is now the largest coal exporter in the world. In its early history, Newcastle was a tough place to live, as only the most hardened convicts were sent there to work the mines. It is now a bustling and friendly town featuring a huge variety of activities for visitors to do. The town centre is also home to impressive historic buildings, including Christ Church Cathedral, Fort Scratchley and the City Hall.

    Newcastle East started as a site of heavy industry and railways but has since transformed into a residential area which contains historic terraced housing. The suburb boasts of two beaches in the form of Nobbys Beach and Newcastle Beach. The impressive Fort Scratchley, which still bears the marks of a Japanese Navy attack from World War II, is a great place to visit for historical facts and scenic views.

    Newcastle West is the shopping hub of Newcastle town, and also boasts a large park which offers plenty of fun outdoor activities. It is also the home of Newcastle High School and the Hunter TAFE. The local McDonalds on King Street is a popular hangout.

    Common Pests in Newcastle

    Other Pest Control Services

    Our Newcastle pest company can treat all house and garden pests including:

    Newcastle Pest Control company offering:

    • Total pest exterminators, pest removal plan, and pest prevention
    • Environmentally friendly pest treatments
    • Guaranteed pest prevention from all your common pest problems
    • Safe Pest Treatments
    • Superior pest removal service

    Service Guarantee

    Being a family-owned and operated pest company Hunter and Coast Pest Control guarantees its pest treatments, ensures we are prompt with contacting our clients, all our pest technicians are qualified, polite and on time!

    We offer a cheap pest control treatment services without compromising on the quality. We also offer competitive pricing, prides itself on excellent customer service – highlighted by our numerous online positive reviews and recommendations.

    We pride ourselves on being the best pest removal company in Newcastle.

    Interior Pest Treatment: We offer a safe pest spray and other pest treatments for the inside of your home. We treat problem pest areas where pests hide such as your home’s cracks and crevices. We will treat the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, garage and all doors to the exterior of your home.

    Exterior Pest Treatment: Most pest problems begin outside, our pest technician will assess your main risk areas and target points of entry for pest into your home, and then lay down a protective barrier, usually an exterior pest spray, around your home and garden.

    Newcastle Pest Control Company – Pest Control Services

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    • Newcastle East Pest Control
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    • Sandgate
    • Shortland
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      Troy Lucas
      Troy Lucas
      Had James come and complete a pest spray today, he was very efficient, friendly, polite and most importantly professional, he was knowledgable on the product and was happy to answer any questions or concerns I had, very happy with the level of service received today, if the product works half as well as the level of service I’ll be an extremely satisfied customer.
      maddison ellis
      maddison ellis
      I have been going to these guys for a few years now for pest control. I haven’t been let down once. They are reliable, down to earth and happy to help. I won’t go anywhere else.
      Alison Banek
      Alison Banek
      Owner of The Big Treehouse Preschool New Lambton Today Hunter and Coast Pest control did a late 6pm pest control at our preschool premises. What can I say!!!!! First we had the honour of meeting a young gentleman Max very well spoken and professional 👏 went far and beyond to help. Today we have a little visit from a bird in our indoor playground. We couldn't get it out from the roof area all day both staff and children were upset and concerned. Max was happy to help in anyway he contacted another staff member that had clocked off for the day. Another lovely gentleman Ben returned with equipment to remove the bird. Massive thankyou to both Max and Ben not only did you go far and beyond to help but you have made all the kids at The Big Treehouse happy that the bird wasn't harmed. I would highly recommend this company and the staff. Look forward to seeing you for our pest control in 6 months Kind regards Alison Banek
      James from Hunter & Coast Pest & Handyman Services was excellent. Easy to book. Great communication, arrived on time, friendly, clean and efficient! Even gave me a recommendation for a treatment to stay on top of the ants.
      Abby White
      Abby White
      Have used hunter and coast pest control for years and couldn't be happier. They were on time, cost effective and helped get rid of all my pests. Customer service is second to none and I recommend them to everyone! Thanks team!!!
      Jasmine Griesberg
      Jasmine Griesberg
      Professional and effective! Can’t ask for much more thanks gusy!
      Nice lady who did the job and a good company to deal with