For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

Q: What areas do you service?

A: We service Newcastle, Maitland, Cessnock, Lake Macquarie, Forster, Taree, Great lakes, Manning Valley, Smiths LakesPort Stephens and the Northern Central Coast. Click here for a full list of pest control suburbs we service.


Q: Why should I choose Hunter & Coast Pest Control?

A: Simple:

1.Reviews: In the age of the internet, you can’t hide from dissatisfied customers. We are very good at what we do and our Google, Facebook and Yellow Pages reviews can show you that. In Fact, as of September 2018 we are the most reviewed and recommended Pest Control Company in the Region with a combined 250+ reviews over Facebook, Google and Yellow Pages 

2. Pricing: Our prices are below that of the larger companies as we don’t have their overheads and marketing expenses. We will also beat any price in the market as long it’s a comparable service.

3. We have 5 technicians meaning that if you required a warranty spray you wouldn’t be waiting for a one person pest control business to find the time to get to you (let alone holidays and illness)

4. Flexibility: We are available 24/7 on Facebook messenger, Phone calls can be made to us between 6am and 9pm 7 days a week and we are available 7 days a week for services as well as after hours for our commercial clients.

Q: What sort of warranty do you offer?

A: All of our treatments come with a Full 6-month warranty as a minimum. We have a current warranty rate of 2.8% which is almost three times less than the Industry average! We also have a turn around time of 48 hours for any Warranty call out.

Q: What pests are covered in your General Pest Spray?

A: The Hunter & Coast General Pest Spray includes all cockroaches (excluding German), Webbing Spiders, general fleas, ticks, silverfish and basic mosquito reduction. The products we use are multi-insecticidal and are both a repellent and an insecticide.

Q: What areas of my home are treated for a General Pest Spray?

A: The Hunter & Coast General Pest Spray is a treatment that includes the inside and outside of your home. The treatment is a residual, child and pet safe product that not only knocks down insects fast but also continues to work long after we are finished the treatment.

Q: Do I have to leave the property when the Total Coat Barrier treatment is being applied?

A: When our licensed technicians are performing the indoor treatment it is best to be outside of the property for a short while to give the product time to settle. Many of our customers take the time to make a phone call to a friend on the front porch or catch up on their Facebook newsfeed on the back deck. We do prefer our customer to remain at the property so we can have the opportunity to explain preventative measures and the service as a whole.

Q: Are the products you use Safe for my family and pets?

A: As a family business it is important that you know that we provide you with the same treatment that we use in our own homes with our beloved children and pets!  The pest treatment chemicals used today are vastly different to those that were used in the past and they have been scientifically engineered to be friendlier to the environment and to be safer for humans and your beloved pets. Hunter and Coast Pest Control chooses to use more expensive water based products rather than solvent and hydrocarbon based products and you will find these same products used in hospitals and day schools. Our selected products help provide a more odourless and eco-friendly service.

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Q: Will I not see any more Spiders or Cockroaches once you have treated my home?

A: For a German Cockroach Treatment, No – the treatment is an eradication treatment and as long as you don’t bring a colony back in via the purchase of an old fridge off gumtree, or bringing belongings from another person’s homes who had german cockroaches in it then you shouldn’t see them again. For a General Pest Spray, larger cockroaches and insects are always going to try and enter your home and if they are not repelled by the residual barrier we have created (eg. Flying insects) they will eventually die once making contact with it.

Q: Do you deal with other pests apart from termites and insects?

A: Hunter & Coast Pest Control is able to treat and re-mediate a vast range of pest problems. We are licensed to deal with rodents, possums, wasps, bees, birds and much more.

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