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Pest & Mould Control Services in Newcastle

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Worried about pests like mice, rats, termites, ants, armyworm, bed bugs, borers, cockroaches, crickets, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, possums, spiders, wasps and many more? Then Leave Them To Us!

For the past 15 years, Hunter & Coast Pest Control has provided the best and most effective pest control, pest treatment, and pest solutions to homes and businesses in Newcastle and surrounding areas. Our pest treatment is so safe that homeowners can remain at home throughout the process while we eliminate the problem for them.

So anywhere you are in Newcastle, Maitland, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast, Port Stephens, Forster, Taree, Great Lakes, Manning Valley, Smiths Lakes & Surrounding areas – we can guarantee you 100% fast, safe, affordable, and highly effective pest control services. We are committed to ensuring every home and business in NSW are pest-free all year round to the best of our ability.

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    What makes us the Best Pest Control Company?

    • We love to eradicate pests so much; we operate 7 days a week.
    • Reasonable pest removal prices – No surcharges for a weekend or public holiday work.
    • We work after hours for the convenience of commercial pest treatment customers; as a result, we eliminate interruption to their business.
    • Offering Newcastle Pest Control and Newcastle Surrounds Pest Removal.
    • We don’t ask our customers to prepare anything for our arrival. Our technicians assist in any way possible, therefore minimising client disruption, and ensuring ease of treatment.
    • HC Pest has multiple pest technicians working for us to service our customers faster – including a 48 hr turnaround pest treatment warranty.
    • Offering – Pre-Purchase property pest inspections, Non-invasive Thermal Imaging Technology, Visual Inspections of roof/under house voids.
    • Pet Safe Pest Treatments – consequently, we ONLY use pet-safe pest products.
    • Child Safe Pest Treatments – therefore, we ONLY use child-safe pest products.
    • As professional pest technicians, we have spent years working for larger multinational companies; thus, we provide a first-class pest treatment service without the hefty price tag.
    • We are the most popular Pest Control Company in the Newcastle and Hunter Region on Facebook.
    • We are self-sufficient and therefore don’t use our customers’ utilities.
    • Complete pest spray treatment using safe chemical pest sprays.
    • Detailed pest report on completion and advice on pest deterrent and pest treatment options.

    What makes us the Best Mould Control Company?

    • We love to eradicate mould so much; we operate 7 days a week.

    • Reasonable mould removal prices – No surcharges for a weekend or public holiday work.

    • We work after hours for the convenience of commercial mould treatment customers; as a result, we eliminate interruption to your business.

    • Offering Newcastle and Newcastle Surrounds Expert Mould Control

    • Our technicians assist in any way possible, minimising client disruption, and ensuring ease of service. If we need something prepared, we will let you know.

    • HC Pest & Mould has multiple mould eradicators and technicians working to service you faster with a complete service warranty.

    • We offer Non-invasive Thermal Imaging Technology, Visual Inspections of roof/under house voids to ensure your site is ready for the remedy.

    • Pet Safe Mould Treatments – consequently, your house will be pet friendly after our service.

    • Child Safe Mould Treatments – your house will be child-safe after we are done.

    • As professional pest technicians, we have spent years working for larger multinational companies; thus, we provide a first-class pest treatment service without the hefty price tag.
    • We are the most popular Pest & Mould Control Company in the Newcastle and Hunter Region on Facebook.

    • We are self-sufficient and therefore don’t use our customers’ utilities.
    • Completely safe and professionally installed Mould remediation services.

    • We answer all your questions, so you know exactly why the solution we propose is best for your home.

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    Take Advantage of Our Current SPECIALS:

    • Mosquito Misting Treatments from $175
    • German Cockroach Treatments from $110 each
    • SPRING SPECIALS & Save $$$ On Pet & Child Friendly Pest Control
    • Expert Termite Inspection (thorough) with Full Report and Advice from $250
    • General Pest Spray Service from $179 with Genuine Warranty (read our reviews)

    • End Of Lease Flea Sprays from as LOW as $120 with Full Paperwork & Warranty!

      Pest Control Services Area

      • Termite Control
      • Termite Inspections
      • Spider Control
      • Ant Control
      • Mosquito Control
      • Silverfish Control
      • Mite Treatment
      • Pantry Pests Removal
      • Army Worm Control
      • Borer Control
      • General Pest Spray
      • Tick Control
      • Rodent Control
      • Possum Control
      • Rat Control
      • Mice Control
      • Flea Control
      • Fly Control
      • Cricket Control
      • Clothes Pests Removal
      • End of Lease Pest Spray
      • Complete Pest Treatment
      • Cockroach Control
      • German Cockroach Control
      • Insect Control
      • Bed Bugs Control
      • Wasp Control
      • Bird Removal
      • Pest Treatment
      • Pest Removal
      • Termite Barrier Construction
      • Newcastle Pest Control
      • Lake Macquarie Pest Control
      • Port Stephens Pest Control
      • Hunter Pest Control
      • Cessnock Pest Control
      • Central Coast Pest Control
      • Maitland Pest Control
      • Great Lakes Pest Control
      • Manning Valley Pest Control
      • Smiths Lakes Pest Control

      Common Pest Control Services in Newcastle

      Newcastle and surroundings have a humid subtropical climate, as a result of heavier rainfall in late autumn and early winter and are located along the east coast of new south wales nearby the sea and surrounded by the regions of the Hunter Region and Hunter Valley, City of Lake Macquarie, Cessnock, Maitland and Port Stephens Council.

      This climate creates the perfect conditions for pest problems to occur. As the climate changes, more prolonged warmer weather occurs, which helps extend cockroach and spider seasons, and the cold snap of winter will always welcome rodents to a warm roof space or sheltered sub-floor.

      Hunter & Coast Pest ControlOur Newcastle pest control company are experts in the region for pests and pest control treatments and techniques, offering safer chemicals and products for our treatments. Newcastle’s main pest problems are linked to the age of the city and construction materials such as weatherboards and houses on piers creating a more attractive harbourage area for cockroaches, spiders and rodents etc.

      A humid climate and proximity to the sea also mean that summer and spring will bring on faster breeding cycles and more significant numbers of pests. This climate creates ideal breeding conditions for a range of household pests, often resulting in pest infestation and pest breakouts from pests.


      Newcastle Pest Control company offering

      • Urban Pest Treatments
      • Child & Pet Safe Pest Control
      • Bed Bug Control
      • Bird Lice Control
      • Mite Control
      • German Cockroach Treatments
      • Advanced Pest Control Techniques
      • Rodent Pest Control
      • Mice Control
      • Rat Control
      • Environmentally-friendly pest treatments
      • General Pest Sprays
      • All Pest work is guaranteed
      • Safer Pest Treatments
      • Complete pest spray and fumigation
      • End of lease pest spray
      • End of Lease Flea Sprays
      • Qualified pest exterminators
      • A comprehensive pest removal service
      • Superior pest removal service
      • Pricing & Service Guarantee

      Being a family-owned and operated pest company Hunter and Coast Pest Control guarantees its pest treatments and ensures we are prompt with contacting our clients. All our pest technicians are qualified, polite, and on time!

      We offer a cheap pest control treatment service without compromising on quality. We also offer competitive pricing, prides itself on excellent customer service – highlighted by our numerous online positive reviews and recommendation, we pride ourselves on being the best pest removal company in Newcastle.

      Interior Pest Treatment:

      We offer a safe pest spray and other pest treatments for the inside of your home. We treat problem pest areas where pests hide, such as your home’s cracks and crevices. We will treat the kitchen, cupboards and draws, bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, garage and all doors to the exterior of your home. General pest spray service available.

      Exterior Pest Treatment:

      Most pest problems begin outside; our pest technician will assess your main risk areas and target points of entry for pests into your home and then lay down a protective barrier, usually an exterior pest spray, around your home and garden. Outdoor and indoor general pest spray services available.

      Call us directly Newcastle, Lake Macquarie And Maitland ?(02) 4956 3169 | The Great Lakes And Mid Coast ?02 6555 6606 | Central Coast ?0431 457 858

      FAQs About Pest Control Service Newcastle

      The average cost of pest control in Newcastle ranges around $150 to $300 for most pests. Pricing heavily depends on the type of pest to be treated, as well as the total area of your property to be covered. Prices also increase depending on the severity of infestation. You can check out our blog to get a better idea of pest control costs or better yet give us a call at 02 4956 3169 for a fast FREE quote.

      Pest control can be roughly categorised into 3 main methods.

      1. Natural

      Natural pest control methods include maintaining hygiene and sanitation to address the root cause of infestation. By keeping a clean home, you remove food, water, and shelter sources for pests to thrive in. Basic home hygiene is important in keeping your house pest-free. However, natural methods are more preventive than cure and will not work for all kinds of pests such as bees and termites.

      2. Physical

      Physical methods rely on traps and barriers to prevent, remove, or kill pests. They are often environmentally friendly but can be difficult and slow to employ for large populations of pests.

      3. Chemical

      Chemical methods are some of the most effective ways to treat and exterminate pests. This includes the use of pesticides, rodenticides, fogging, as well as fumigation. Chemical methods have the benefit of being cheap, fast, and reliable, but can cause health issues if used incorrectly by a non-professional.

      How long pest control lasts depends on the type of pest and the type of treatment. For pests covered under general pest control, treatment normally lasts three months and should be repeated quarterly. If you have a severe infestation, monthly treatments are advised until the pests have been fully exterminated.

      Meanwhile, bed bug control should last indefinitely as long as you or your pests don’t carry them back into the house. Termites treated with prevention measures generally last at least 5 years.

      The best time to do pest control is around the beginning of spring. During this time, pests that lay dormant during winter will start reappearing due to the rise in temperature. Dealing with pests early in spring is easier and more effective because pest numbers are low. Book a pest control service at least once a year in spring if you do not have an infestation. Otherwise, call immediately when pests are detected before the problem worsens.

      You can buy household pesticides from your local supermarket for DIY pest control in your home and garden. However, keep in mind that most pesticides are toxic and can cause harm if used incorrectly or in great amounts. There’s also no guarantee on the efficiency of these pesticides. It’s best to book a professional pest control service once you detect pests in your home or for annual maintenance.

      Yes! 100% Guaranteed Results. All our technicians are licensed experts in their field. We can therefore guarantee to exterminate all pests in your home or office! We provide an affordable and professional service – on time, every time. We are confident that we offer the best pest removal services and that we also offer the best pest removal guarantee: a full warranty for six months!

      If the pests come back, we’ll come back free of charge!

      Yes, You Can Stay on Your Premises. No old school harsh products with HC Pest Control! we only use the highest grade, child and pet-friendly products – you won’t even have to leave your premises!

      Yes, We Offer Pest Treatment on Weekends. We guarantee 7 Day, Same Day Service. With 7-day, same day service, you can get your pests problem eradicated with efficiency and ease – In as little as 90 minutes!

      Yes, Genuine 6 Month Warranty. Unlike other Pest Control companies, if you see a pest we’ve been hired to eradicate for any reason within 6 months, we will come back out to solve your issue at no charge whatsoever!

      Yes, all our technicians are COVID-19 safe!. Covid-19: No Contact Pest Services Available. All our Technicians wear Respirators, Goggles and Gloves” (we even did BEFORE it became a thing!)

      Proudly Recognised As


      Megan Jeffree
      Megan Jeffree
      Ben was very easy going and provided a very thorough service. The thing we liked best about him however, was his honesty. He was honest about what we actually did need for our home (instead of trying to sell us every product under the sun). For this reason we will definitely be getting them back to do follow up inspections/sprays.
      Megan Carter
      Megan Carter
      Ashleigh Casey
      Ashleigh Casey
      Thank you to James who was able to quickly attend to our wasp issue that had popped up. He was very polite, friendly and professional. Service was affordable especially for coming out on a Sunday. Highly recommended
      Kim Edmunds
      Kim Edmunds
      Very prompt response to enquiry and excellent communication from postponement due to rain to arrival time on the day. Nathan was very professional and polite. Would definitely recommend.
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      Leyla Kassim
      Jen Critch
      Jen Critch
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      Joshua Cunningham
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      Amanda Neale
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      Casey Archbold