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Experts in Spider Control Newcastle

 Spider Control Newcastlek

Spider Control Newcastle

All About Spider Pest Control

Are you looking for Spider Control in Newcastle, as well as Maitland, Lake Macquarie & Cessnock? Like many other pests, spiders often come indoors when the weather turns cold, looking for shelter and warmth. The end of summer and the start of fall is the spider mating season when male spiders will search for a mate – indoors. There are only one species of spider that is vegetarian, out of over 40,000. They are often attracted by other insects, particularly small flies, which can be trapped in their webs.

However, when it comes to spiders, it is best not to generalize too much, as there are many species and varieties. Some spiders prefer moist conditions, some live in webs, others in crevices. Many kinds of spiders can be gotten rid of simply by cleaning the house, removing webs, vacuuming regularly, and sealing up the house so no spiders can easily enter.

The most common kinds of spiders are the house spider (often attracted by flies) and the wolf spider (found in moist and damp environments). While it is possible to get rid of these infestations yourself, certain kinds of spiders will need professional services. Poisonous spiders like the Sydney funnel-web come out in spring when the weather starts to warm and while the soil is still damp from winter rains.

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What Other Pests Do You Deal With?

As a leading company that deals with all types of pests in Newcastle, Maitland, and Lake Macquarie, we make sure to provide our clients with the complete list of types of pests that we can effectively terminate. These are:

✔️ Ant Control
✔️ Army Worm
✔️ Bed Bug Control
✔️ Bird Removal
✔️ Borer
✔️ Cockroach

✔️ Mites
✔️ Mice
✔️ Possums
✔️ Spiders
✔️ Mosquitos

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What Are The Most Dangerous Types Of Spider?

The most dangerous kinds of spiders include the Black Widow Spider and the Brown Recluse Spider. These are well-known and publicized. While both of these spiders represent a threat to humans, this is only the case when they are disturbed. They prefer quiet, secluded areas so they can prey on insects.

Can You Spider Proof A House?

Due to the variety and nature of spiders, it is impossible to completely spider-proof a house. But there are certain things you can do to minimize them. Seal up doors and windows and clean the house frequently. You are always going to find a spider or two, but if you tend to your home regularly you will prevent a serious infestation.

What Kind Of Spider Control Services Do You Offer?

Hunter and Coast Pest Control offers all aspects of spider control and spider treatment including;

  • Spider control
  • Spider removal
  • Spider extermination
  • Spider treatment
  • Redback spider control
  • Spider safe control – pet safe spider spray and child safe
  • Funnel-web spider treatment
  • Home spider control and home spider treatment
  • Garden spider spray treatment and spider elimination
  • Commercial spider control, treatment, and spraying
  • Spider infestation treatment
  • Spray spiders – redback spider spray, funnel-web spider spray

We also offer:

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Want to experience the best pest control services in Newcastle, Maitland, Lake Macquarie, & many more? Call us today on (02) 4956 3169 or send as FREE quotes. We have excellent pest control services that will surely save your day.


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