Pest Control is something that every Australian household is going to need at some stage – with all of the creepy crawlies we get here, it’s no surprise that Pest Control Services are in such high demand.

You will pay between $150 – $300 for most pest removal services. But there is a great variance in terms of the price of pest control as well as a great variance in terms of the quality of pest control. This price also depends on the type of pest and the total area to be covered.

Below, we’ll break all these down so we can get a clearer picture in terms of the cost of Pest Control in 2021.

Factors Affecting The Price of Pest Control

In order to understand the cost of pest control services, we need to understand what factors increase or decrease the price. These factors include:

  • Type – Different pests (ants, flies, cockroaches, rodents) will cost more or less depending on the complexity of the treatment involved.
  • Frequency – Many pests require multiple visits. You will need 2 or 3 treatments for rodents and only a single visit for wasps.
  • Intensity – You could have a very severe termite infestation or the bare beginnings of a colony. The less intense the infestation, the easier it will be to treat and the lower the cost will be.
  • Area Size – Pest Control Services offer bunched packages to treat a variety of pests. These packages are priced depending on the size of the house and whether external treatment is needed.
  • Supplier – Some Pest Control Services are better than others and will charge higher rates. Then again, some Pest Control Services are worse than others and will charge higher rates. Look at reviews, certifications, and testimonials where possible.
  • Location – Pest Control Services are cheaper in some states than others.

Be wary of simply going for the lowest quotes on the market. This can easily mean that the Pest Control Service will do half a job. You really don’t want to do half a job when you are trying to rid yourself of termites, ants, cockroaches, or rodents. A single pest left alive can repopulate the entire colony within a month.

Also, keep in mind that no two infestations are the same. Call up a local company for quotes on a given service and compare quotes between different providers to get a more exact measure.

Pest Control Costs 2021

The following table outlines average costs in Australia for a number of different Pest Control Services. Keep in mind that certain pests will need to be treated numerous times. It often takes 2 or 3 treatments to fully eradicate a given infestation.

The best way to understand the cost is to talk to a number of professionals in the area and compare quotes. Ultimately, the most important thing is to eradicate the pests, not to save $10 by using a cheaper service that does not do an adequate job. Remember that price is important, but it is not everything. You need to find a friendly provider that you can work with and one that gives you an honest and accurate assessment.

Type Of Treatment Price Range
General 3 Bedroom House $150
General 4 Bedroom House $180
General Interior & Exterior $250 – $350
Indoor Flea And Tick $150 – $275
Rodent Removal $250 – $350
Termite Control $200 – $500
Possum Removal $180 – $250
Thorough Exterior Treatment $350 – $450
Full Interior & Exterior Treatment $450 – $700
Pre Purchase Pest Inspection $350 – $500
Physical Termite Barrier $1,000 – $3,000

Pest Control Services – Hourly Rate

While fixed fees are becoming standard in Pest Control Services and most other areas, you can also find a lot of contractors that charge an hourly rate. This can be a tricky area, as you do not have the peace of mind in knowing that you are paying a certain amount to get a job done. Still, it has its uses in particular areas or where unexpected problems arise (which they often do).

Some states are cheaper than others when it comes to both hourly rates and Pest Control. For instance, you will only pay $35 in Victoria but could pay $55 in New South Wales and $65 in Queensland. All things considered, the hourly rate is less of a concern, as most Pest Control Services charge a fixed rate and the service is rendered relatively quickly.

Pest Control 2021 – Costs Concluded

From the pricing table above, you should be able to ascertain a few key elements. The removal of most pests in an isolated area will typically cost you between $150 and $300.

You can get a general pest inspection to treat a number of insects in your home for between $150 – $180. This general treatment is unlikely to cover termites or rodents, and will certainly not include possum removal.

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What are the most common household pests?

The most common household pests include:

  1. Termites
  2. Rodents
  3. Possums
  4. Ants
  5. Cockroaches
  6. Fleas
  7. Ticks
  8. Bedbugs

Other pests include certain snakes and spiders, as well as birds. But it is the rodents and smaller insects that cause the most terror and problems for houses across Australia. They defecate everywhere and can easily cause structural damage to your home.

Do Pest Control Services need to be licenced?

Yes. Your Pest Control provider will definitely need to be licenced. They are working with chemicals and are treating an area designed to be safe for children. The licencing will operate at the state level. In New South Wales, licences will be issued by WorkCover NSW. In Queensland, Victoria, Northern Territory, South Australia, and West Australia, the licences are issued by the Department of Health. Not only should you look for a licence – make sure that the service offers you a good warranty as well.

How can I prevent pests from entering my home?

You can prevent pests from entering your home simply by using common sense. Do not leave food out at night – make sure that everything is sealed and put in the proper place. Try to maintain distance between your home and the earth outside. Vacuums and clean the place regularly, as this will remove food particles and also remove eggs from various insects. An annual general treatment can also assist. Sometimes, however, you can do all the right things and still have to deal with an infestation. This is when you need to call in professional help.

What is the most expensive pest to remove?

The most expensive pest to remove is probably rats. This is because they are resilient and need a number of treatments, at least 2. And even a single treatment happens to be more expensive than treating smaller insects. They are also the most dangerous, carrying numerous diseases and potentially causing structural damage by chewing through wires. Of course, installing a termite barrier is one of the most expensive structural changes you can make, with costs extending to $3,000. However, termite barriers do not have to be physical. You can get a chemical termite barrier to prevent pests from intruding, though this is pointless if they are already inside the home.

Are Pest Control Services toxic?

Pest Control Services have actually come quite a long way in recent years and natural products are available. Many of the solutions are quite eco-friendly. You can talk to your provider to see what kind of products they use. This is especially relevant if you have young children, care for the elderly, or have a family member with an illness. Be advised that even the chemical solutions are perfectly fine once you take the advised precautions. The main thing is to eradicate the infestation, as it will cause far more damage.

How can I find a good Pest Control Service?

The quickest way is to check out the online reviews and ensure that the service is licensed, insured, accredited and has been in business for a while. Hunter & Coast Pest Control meets all of these criteria.

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