Ants are impressive creatures and in Australia, they’re as common as a kangaroo or kookaburra.

While ants are tiny and incredibly productive, if your home becomes infested with the creatures, you will suffer. Yes, swarms of ants will cause chaos in just about every nook, cranny, and corner imaginable.

But, there are effective ways to prevent ants from taking over your home—and as Australia’s leading pest control experts, we’re going to share them with you.

Let’s get started.

Avoid feeding the ants

These spritely insects are drawn to any type of sugary or fatty food you can imagine. So, the first step to avoiding or at the very least, managing, an ant infestation boils down to clearing up any food traces swiftly.

Try not to leave out any food containers and if any food or surgery solutions have fallen on the tables, chairs or floors in or around your home, clean them with soap and water, immediately.

Use water repellent

Another ant infestation avoidance technique for Australian climates is trying bait or repellents.

In general, ants don’t like excess water—so to block ants from your premises, you should spray a little water around any nests you see and host around the outside of your premises to create a moat.

While this isn’t always 100% foolproof, the water repellent approach can significantly reduce your risk of an infestation.

Try ant bait

There is a range of ant bait products on offer in Australia—Ant-Bait being one of them—it’s a pretty firm domestic favourite and it can get results.

Ant baits are for home use and essentially attract the ants. Once they’re engaged with the bait, they are likely to return to the nest, infecting the Queen Ant and the entire nest (the source of the problem) in the process.


Another tried and tested repellent technique, is the reverse aroma therapy approach. There are strong scents and smells that will drive ants away from your home.

Smells like cinnamon, vinegar, black pepper, and garlic will work a treat. Simply place bowls (or if you’re working with a liquid substance, cotton balls) of your chosen scent around the perimeter of your home—and those pesky ants are unlikely to come inside.

If you do experience a serious ant infestation or you’re concerned one is in the pipeline, it’s always best to consult a professional. And, as one of the nation’s most trusted pest controllers, we can help (when it comes to ants, we know a thing or two!).

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