Sound silverfish cause & prevention advice from HC Pest: one of Newcastle’s most trusted pest control experts

When a pest infestation gets out of control, it has a significant impact on your everyday life.

In Australia, there are many mini beasts or pests that can set up shop in or around your home and wreak havoc—seemingly overnight— and silverfish are no exception.

Silverfish infestations are common across the nation and there are things (three to be precise) about your home that are attracting these creatures to your home in their masses

But, by understanding these common issues and how to avoid them, you will ensure your home is silverfish free throughout the year. And we’re going to tell you what they are right now.

But, first…

Silverfish infestations

Silverfish infestations

What are silverfish?

As you can see from the picture, silverfish are small and primitive wingless insects. These tiny pests get their name from their fish-like appearance and movements.

The reason that a silverfish infestation can become problematic fast is not only because literally hundreds of them can invade your home at once, but they can cause damage.

Silverfish, like many creatures, bite into their food sources. Despite their jaws being weak, they can bite into wallpaper, curtains, upholstery, and carpet, causing costly damage throughout the home.

The good news is: silverfish aren’t harmful to pets or humans and there are simply ways to prevent an infestation.

Why silverfish are attracted to your home

Now you know a little more about these pesky insects, let’s look at the three main reasons silverfish might be attracted to your home.

1. Cellulose

Without getting too technical, silverfish like to eat starchy sugars. Typically, dead skin cells and paper products as well as damp areas with lots of cellulose to munch on—like dirty dishes.

That said, cleaning and drying your dishes after you’ve used them, checking for any food dropped on the floor, and a little extra vacuuming and dusting will help to avoid a silverfish infestation.

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2. Clutter

Silverfish like dark inconspicuous spaces—which means they like clutter—and plenty of it. The more clutter you have in your home, the more opportunities silverfish have to set up shop and search for cellulose-based food sources.

Piles of clothes and books or newspapers attract skin cells and dust—silverfish commonly damage these kinds of items with their jaws too.

To prevent such disasters, you should dust your books regularly and put them away in secure drawers or shelves and avoid leaving piles of clothes lying around for too long.

3. Pet or baby food

Naturally, this point won’t apply to everyone. But, if you are weaning your child or you do have pets, it’s worth noting that if you leave semi-open or unsealed containers around or traces of infant or animal food on floors, walls or worktops, the silverfish cavalry will come knocking.

So, you should seal all pet of baby food containers airtight, keep them in cooler, dryer places and be extra vigilant about cleaning up eating or food preparation areas.

If you have a silverfish issue, as one of Australia’s most trusted pest control experts, we can help (when it comes to these six-legged creatures, it’s fair to say we know a thing or two!).

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