Spider Control

Hunter and Coast Pest Control offers all aspects of spider control and spider treatment including;

  • Spider control
  • Spider removal
  • Spider exterminator
  • Spider treatment
  • Redback spider control
  • Kill Spiders
  • Spider safe control – pet safe spider spray and child safe
  • Spider spray
  • Funnel web spider treatment
  • Home spider control and home spider treatment
  • Garden spider spray treatment and spider elimination
  • Commercial spider control, treatment and spraying
  • Spider infestation
  • Spray spiders – redback spider spray, funnelweb spider spray
  • Spider exterminator and spider extermination

Spider Removal

Newcastle offers a perfect environment for spiders to breed in and around your home. The two most dangerous spiders are redback spiders and funnel web spiders, both spiders can be deadly especially for young children and the elderly. We offer a full spider treatment for your house and garden, including spider spray for control of spider infestation. Our spider pest control is pet friendly and child friendly and guaranteed to eliminate spiders from your house. Our pest controllers will treat all dangerous spider locations and high risk habitat areas such as cracks and crevices, doorways, windows, pipes, under seats, eaves and garden areas.


redback spider controlCommon Spiders

Worldwide over, Australia is famous for the  hundreds of spider varieties we have and especially our more famous poisonous and deadly varieties which are found in the Newcastle, port stephens , lake Macquarie, cessnock and maitland areas. Houses that are closer to our beautiful reserves such as glenrock and blackbutt have higher spider sightings and call outs for general spray spider pest control treatments and spider specific treatments.   The red back is probably the most common and well known spider in Australia but we are often called out to funnel web sightings especially around retaining walls and swimming pools. Spiders are an important part of our eco system and are more prevalent when your home has a higher insect population. By having your home regularly sprayed for insects will ensure that spiders will make a home somewhere closer to their natural habitats and away from you and your loved ones.

Spider Pest Control Newcastle

  • Spider Pest control is essential to protect your loved ones and pets from spider bites which can have long term adverse affects and even be lethal.
  • Spider pest control general sprays by hunter and coast pest control tackle the problem head on and reduce the spider population for many months or years to come as the breeding cycles are broken and the lack of general insects reduce  

Spider Pest Removal

Our General Pest Spray treatment includes webbing spiders as the same products we use for the spray work for cockroaches (non-german) and spiders. This is because the products are multi-insecticidal but this is often not told to customers by some other pest control companies who we have noticed marketing spiders as an extra cost to their general spray treatments.

Spiders are divided into two main groups:

  • Crawling or Hunting spiders; and
  • Webbing Spiders

funnelweb spider controlCrawling or Hunting Spiders

This is usually an ambushing spider that doesn’t make a web and wait for the prey to come to them . They instead find a home in leaf litter and gutters and hunt their prey down when active. The Huntsman spider is a good example of this. Crawling or hunting spiders are not included in our general pest spray treatments as they are harder to make contact with. However, they will either move on once we have close to eliminated your general insect population and search for food elsewhere or die from ingesting poisoned insects from our spray products.

Webbing Spiders

Webbing spiders depend upon spinning their own silk webs to catch their prey. They work tirelessly building their traps and wait for vibrations to indicate that a flying insect or other creature is caught in the web. Our general spider control spray treatment is effective for spiders and once the webs are removed after our treatments a lack of new webs is the easiest indicator to our sprays efficacy.


redback spider controlRedback Spider or Red-back Spider


The Red Back spider is a brilliant black colour and has a distinctive red mark which definitely sets it apart from most other species.  The mature female has the famous red stripe on her abdomen often depicted in tattoos and pest control company logos.  The immature females have white redback spider markings on a brown body and the male of the species are smaller  brown spiders with red and white markings.


The red back makes a loose web and they have flourished living in urban environments, with the underneath of wheelie bins, trampolines, cubby houses, pool pumps and childrens play equipment as well as the famous spot being under the backyard dunny seat! . Their main food is insects but they have been known to feed on mice and other ground dwelling animals.

Life Cycle

1 generation of offspring per year


Very toxic. The female bite while the male does not. The bite is very painful.

Red Back Spider

Red back spider bites are definitely poisonous and can be fatal to small children and the elderly. If you or your child have been bitten by a redback spider seek immediate medical attention.


funnelweb spider controlFunnel web Spider

The Funnel web is one of the scariest looking spiders in the Newcastle, port stephens, lake Macquarie and maitland  regions. They can grow up to 5cm long and are black to brown in colour with a shiny head .They live in burrows, retaining walls, inside stumps and logs which they line with a distinct silky lining .Funnel webs are often associated with swimming pools and you must take caution when cleaning your leaf litter from your skimmer box as Funnel webs can often be in there. If you are to scoop a “dead” funnel web from your pool please note that there is a huge chance it is playing dead . A funnel web can survive the bottom of  pool for hours as it can utilise the air bubbles on its hairy legs as a source of oxygen. See our facebook page www.facebook.com/hunterandcoast for a video of a funnel web which was placed “dead” in a container from a new Lambton heights (backing on to blackbutt reserve) home swimming pool.

Funnel Web spiders are highly dangerous and toxic,  especially the female and it is important that you  seek medical advice immediately should you be bitten. It is important to mention that you have spotted a funnel web as we actively seek out their nests to spray them directly.

Diet: Lizards, frogs, insects, rodents – anything that stumbles past their burrow is prey


huntsman spider controlHuntsman Spider

The most and usually only loved spider in the hunter valley. People have been raised to not fear huntsmans as they are known as your very own little live in pest controller, foraging on your unwanted flies, mosquitoes and other insects.  The Huntsman spider is a large and hairy breed of spider which although appears scary it is known for leaving humans alone and rather eating their unwanted insects. Contrary to popular belief, the Huntsman spider does bite albeit  rarely, however if provoked, it has been known to bite people  and there may be pain and swelling around the bite site. They can grow up to 15cm from leg to leg and move rapidly. It is common for the Huntsman spider to come inside your home and stand flat against walls and ceilings. The hunter and coast general spray does not include huntsmen spiders as they are not a webbing spider however once we have reduced the insect population the huntsmen will typically move on to a more insect riddled environment or die from ingesting a poisoned insect from the general spray treatment.


black house spider controlBlack House Spider


Dark brown to black in colour with black legs. The Black house spider has the appearance of a scary looking spider and for good reason if provoked however they are generally categorised as a non-aggressive spider. They have a large abdomen and fangs that are not all that obvious they can move them in a rapid, pincer like motion.. The male is 7-11mm and female 14-18mm in length.


These are a more outdoor based spider with guttering, sheds, cubby houses etc. being popular homes for them. They create a funnel type web for their prey and we often come across them in areas such as Toronto, Argenton, Boolaroo, Blackalls park, fennel bay and fishing point more often than we do in other Newcastle or port stephens locations. If a home has a workshed and plenty of human made structure in the backyard it increases the chances of finding black house spiders.

Life Cycle

1 generation of offspring per year


Toxic which produces pain, nausea, fever and  sweating.


trapdoor spider controlTrapdoor Spider

The Trapdoor spider is a well known species  in Australia and is found in the Newcastle, lake Macquarie, port stephens and Cessnock regions . There are many different varieties of trapdoor and they take their name from the  constructed flap they create to cover or plug their burrow. The Trap door Spider feeds on general insects such as beetles, moths and crickets.


Heavily covered in fine hairs and dark to black in colour with the female being  20mm-30mm in length wand the male being slightly smaller at 20mm in length.


The trapdoor inhabits drier situations with usually no lid to cover hole but leaves or litter  (woodchips/mulch) may cover it. They are considered to be a non-aggressive spider.

Life Cycle

1-3 years.


mouse spider controlMouse Spider

The Mouse Spider is often mistaken for a funnel web spider. It has large and obvious fangs and grow up to 4cm long in some varieties. They are identified by their large head and shiny black body. These spiders are less common in urban suburbs but they are definitely found around bushland such as near the Fernleigh track in admastown down to redhead and Belmont as well as near blackbutt reserve and around Medowie and Karuah due to the fact that they prefer more wooded areas .


Female mouse spiders inhabit extensive holes in the ground , usually in woody areas.  Adult males spend their time roaming  in search of females. The Mouse spider is generally considered a  non aggressive species, however like all spiders aggression can occur when provoked.

Life Cycle

1-3 years


Toxic with large strong fangs with a potentially painful bite.


wolf spider controlWolf Spider


A medium to large spider, ranging from 15mm to 25mm in length . The wolf spider is grey and light brown in appearance with a camouflaged grey pattern.


Often living amongst leaf litter in holes in woody areas, this non-aggressive spider is a fast mover and an efficient hunter.

Life Cycle

1-2 years.


Potentially toxic with a painful bite.


white tailed spider controlWhite Tailed Spider


The white-tailed spider has one of the larger size differences between sexes with the male being only 12mm long and the female being 20mm to 22mm in length.  They have a light cream coloured small area on the tip of their back and are dark grey in colour.


White-tailed spiders are usually live in in cool dark places such as under bark and amongst ground foliage and leaf litter. They are nocturnal hunters known for traveling great distances at times in search for prey.

Life Cycle

The female white-tail lays around 70-100 small pink eggs and guards her offspring until the spiderlings emerge. Upon hatching, the baby white tailed  spiders emerge to find their first ready meal for them.


A very painful bite however the pain is known to not be long lasting.  Some cases report a lump and secondary infection.

White Tail Spiders

These spiders are well known for their painful bite which has been known to result in trauma to the skin and unusual rashes. White tail spiders are a ground dwelling species of spider which are usually characterised by a distinctive white spot on the end of their abdomen. They seek shelter under just about anything including children’s toys, shoes, clothes and other items that have been left on the floor even for short periods of time. They are not a fast moving spider and they survive from  eating other spiders and insects. They are usually nocturnal feeders and the females can grow up to 20mm long.


Spider Control – Pest Spider treatment

Hunter and Coast Pest Control offer a full spider eradication program, that will target all spider species, including;

  • Redback spider control
  • Funnelweb spider control
  • Huntsman spider control
  • Common housespider
  • Black house spider
  • Daddy long legs spider treatment
  • Garden Orb-Weaving spider
  • Harvestman spider removal
  • Mouse spider
  • Red-back spider removal
  • Funnel-web spider removal
  • Saint andrews cross spider
  • Trap door spider
  • White-tailed spider or white tip spider
  • Wolf spider

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