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Hunter and Coast Pest Control offers all aspects of pest control, pest removal and pest treatment, using professional pest control technicians. Residential, home and commercial pest control. Pest treatments including;

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  • Arcadia Vale pest treatment
  • Arcadia Vale pest control company
  • Kill pests, remove pests and spray pests
  • Pest spray Arcadia Vale
  • Pest infestation treatment and fumigate pests
  • Pest exterminator, pest extermination and fumigation
  • Pest removal Arcadia Vale
  • Total pest Inspection, pest removal plan, and pest prevention
  • Environmentally friendly pest treatments
  • Guaranteed pest prevention from all your common pest problems
  • Safe Pest Treatments – Pet safe, kid/child safe
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  • Service recommended pest control reviews
  • Qualified pest exterminators
  • A complete pest removal service

    Pricing & Service Guarantee
    Being a family owned and operated pest company Hunter and Coast Pest Control  guarantees its pest treatments, ensures we are prompt with contacting our clients, all are pest technicians are qualified, polite and on time! We offer a cheap pest control treatment service without compromising on the quality. We also offers competitive pricing, prides itself on excellent customer service – highlighted by our numerous online positive reviews and recommendation, We pride ourselves on being the best pest removal company in Newcastle.

    Interior Pest Treatment: We offer a safe pest spray and other pest treatments for the inside of your home. We treat problem pest areas where pests hide such as your home’s cracks and crevices.  We will treat the kitchen, cupboards and draws, wardrobes, bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, garage and all doors to the exterior of your home.

    Exterior Pest Treatment: Most pest problems begin outside, our pest technician will assess your main risk areas and target points of entry for pest into your home, and then lay down a protective barrier, usually an exterior pest spray, around your home and garden.
cockroach control and cockroach treatment

Arcadia Vale Pest Controllers – Arcadia Vale Pest Removal

Arcadia Vale nsw is a suburb of the City of Lake Macquarie in New South Wales, Australia between the town centres of Toronto and Morisset on the western shore of Lake Macquarie. It has a population of 1,381 down from 1,518 in 2006.

Is a suburb located on the city of Macquarie in south wales in Australia. It is between towns centres of Morisset and Toronto on the western shore of Lake Macquarie. Its population has decreased from 1518 people in 2006 to 1381 people which is currently.

In  1922 Arcade Vale was subdivided. The first school of this suburb was established in 1958. Many out-of-work miners and their families were forced to move into the boatsheds on the waterfront, this was specifically caused  by the Great Depression that occurred in the region, this was to provide them with good working and living environment.

Arcadia Vale enjoys an idyllic setting along the shores of Lake Macquarie. The blue waters lure boaters and swimmers, and it’s not hard to see why. Children in the suburb are educated at the Arcadia Vale Public School, and kept fit at the Wangi Oval sporting grounds.

Arcadia Vale pest control review and recommendation

We dealt with Aaron from start to end. Due to mental health i can’t communicate by phone. So i used facebook msgs to communicate with Aaron and he responded fast to every msg and helped me with all my questions without an issue. He was very polite and friendly in his messages. Stu met Aaron on site and he said he was a nice bloke. We eneded up picking Hunter and Coast Pest due to Aarons people skills. Thank you for the wonderful job done and most important thank you Aaron for your wonderful people skills. This is what made us pick you. Thanks again
Highly recommend and will use again. Nicole

Thanks for your service guys, I’ve only seen dead or dying roaches since your visit. My mum is booked in next week too. Highly recommend it.

Cheers John

We had our house treated gor German cockroaches 3 months ago and almost immediately the activity stopped.we are more than pleased with the results not a roach insight!!!! Vanessa

We had problems with cockroaches, including German cockroaches, spiders and other insects out in the garden. Hunter and Coast Pest Control treated the house and garden with a general spray and the pets are all gone. Adam

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