Cockroaches are a known nuisance not just here in Newcastle or NSW but in all of Australia. In fact, these pests rank among the top 10 most common to plague Australian households.

These unhygienic critters carry disease-causing germs and act as both allergen sources and asthma triggers. Although they don’t bite, they can scratch you with their leg spines, which could lead to an infection.

Homeowners should be wary at the first sign of a roach infestation since they multiply quickly and can get out of hand quickly if not addressed.

Thankfully, there are many effective, affordable ways to deal with a roach intrusion especially when treated early. Here’s our comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about these nasty scavengers and how you can get rid of cockroaches successfully.

Why are there cockroaches in my home?

Cockroaches can thrive in many environments, but they are particularly fond of spaces that offer food, water, and shelter. They are also attracted to warm, humid places and can subsist on a bare minimum including:

  • Stove or cooker spills
  • Greasy pots and pans
  • Food crumbs on floors, counters, or dishes
  • Garbage
  • Uncovered food including pet food
  • Excess moisture

Cockroaches are opportunistic eaters that don’t need much to survive, which is why they’re found all over the world. They can squeeze into your home through open doors and windows, small cracks and crevices, pipes and vents, and even through hitchhiking on bags and items you bring into your house.

Does one cockroach mean more?

Cockroaches are social creatures, so seeing one cockroach is likely and unfortunately a sign of more. While seeing one cockroach does mean you have an infestation, keep in mind that they reproduce quickly and should be dealt with swiftly!

Most cockroach species are nocturnal creatures by nature, so spotting one out and about in the morning or during the day is a bad sign. This can mean that overcrowding has forced them out in the open and that you have a large infestation on your hands.

What are the signs of a cockroach infestation?

Seeing a cockroach at any time of the day, dead or alive, is one big, bad sign you could have a problem. There are a few other tell-tale signs of an intrusion that you should watch out for as a homeowner.

One that’s easy (and gross) to spot are their droppings, which look like black specks that can look like coffee grounds or small grains of rice. Other signs can include:

  • Cockroach legs
  • Egg capsules
  • Unpleasant musky odor

If your neighbors have an infestation or are in the process of treating one, you should remain on the lookout for your home as well.

How to locate a cockroach nest in your home

Finding a cockroach nest is paramount to putting an end to an infestation. But where do they usually decide to make their home?

Cockroaches often nest in dark places that are snug and warm. They can be a bit challenging to find since the pests are rather clever when it comes to hiding during the day. Some common areas for cockroach nesting are:

  • Kitchen cabinets and drawers
  • Kitchen or bathroom sink cabinets
  • Crawl spaces and basements
  • Behind refrigerators and other appliances
  • Between walls or under flooring

Since that covers a lot of ground in a home, it can be daunting to find the source. You’ll know when you’ve found a cockroach nest if you see live and/or dead cockroaches around a specific area. You can also keep an eye out for a mound of roach droppings or old egg capsules.

Top 10 ways to get rid of cockroaches in Newcastle

There are many methods of dealing with a roach infestation ranging from natural, physical, and chemical techniques. Here are the top 10 most efficient ways to get rid of cockroaches in your home.

#1 – Clean your home

Cleaning your home thoroughly is one of the most important steps of cockroach control. Even if you kill cockroaches successfully, an infestation is bound to happen again if you don’t keep your home clean.

Remember that cockroaches look for food, water, and shelter. By limiting their access to these resources, you can get rid of cockroaches naturally. You can also prevent them in the first place.

Make it a habit to do the following regularly:

  • Wash dishes immediately after meals
  • Remove dishes from the sink or dishwasher
  • Wipe clean your stove top, counters, and appliances
  • Immediately clean any crumbs and spills
  • Sweep and mop the floor daily or every few days
  • Put a tight lid on your garbage and take it out every night
  • Keep food in sealed containers including boxes of snacks and cereals
  • Don’t leave pet food and water containers open
  • Eat only in your kitchen or dining room to limit areas to deep clean

#2 – Liquid gel bait

Gel bait works by enticing cockroaches to eat insecticide disguised as food. Unlike pesticide spray, gel baits don’t kill on contact. Instead, they allow the cockroach to live long enough to take the poison back to its nest and spread the insecticide. This makes gel baits an effective method to reduce a hidden roach population.

Most liquid gel baits come in a syringe applicator and plunger. To use, simply squeeze out the gel in strategic locations, ideally in cracks and crevices close to cockroach nests. Small and scattered amounts of bait work best. Check whether the bait is being eaten, and reapply it as it is depleted or dries out.
When placed properly, gel baits can work as fast as within a few hours, or they may take several days to be effective. It helps to keep a clean home so the cockroaches won’t have any other food source apart from the gel bait.
Once cockroaches eat the bait, you should notice a marked reduction in your infestation within a week. If used correctly, you’ll be able to eliminate as much as 90% of your cockroaches after a month of use.

#3 – Gel bait stations

Similar to liquid gel bait, gel bait stations come in small plastic cartridges that house the gel inside. You can leave this bait in dark, humid locations such as under the sink or inside cabinets.
Either the liquid or bait station method is effective, but stations are more convenient and less messy to use. They are ideal for use in households with pets and children to keep them from accidentally ingesting the poison.

#4 – Glue traps

Glue traps, or sticky cards, are used to catch and monitor a cockroach infestation. They can help you find where cockroaches are most abundant in your home. Made of a cardboard sheet lined with a sticky substance, they’re usually laced with a food scent that cockroaches find attractive.

When cockroaches crawl to the aroma, they get caught in the sticky trap and can’t escape. Sticky traps are great for locating and monitoring a cockroach infestation. However, they aren’t the best control method since they only catch a few at a time.

#5 – Insecticide spray

Insecticide spray is probably the DIY cockroach control method most people are familiar with. You can buy them cheaply from any local grocery store and have the advantage of killing cockroaches on contact.

When using sprays, make sure to read the label and follow the instructions. Target cockroach nesting and hiding areas for maximum efficiency and take safety measures to avoid inhaling or touching the spray.

#6 – Liquid concentrate

Liquid concentrates are designed to be diluted and sprayed onto cracks, crevices, floors, and surfaces. It kills active cockroaches on contact and creates a residual layer of poison to eliminate an infestation through contact or ingestion. If you’re dealing with a large colony, this is one of the best ways to cut down their numbers overnight.

#7 – Boric acid

Boric acid is a highly effective cockroach insecticide that’s available in powder form. Dusted in fine deposits around cockroach hiding places, it kills cockroaches when absorbed and ingested.

Similar to gel baits, boric acid also produces a domino effect in cockroach control. Cockroaches will eat their dead, so those that die from boric acid poisoning can kill others in the nest when eaten. Boric acid is safe for humans when used as directed but can be toxic to pets.

#8 – Diatomaceous earth

Wondering how you can get rid of cockroaches naturally? Diatomaceous earth is a fine, natural, non-toxic powder that’s often used as a natural pest control method. It’s made from the fossilised remains of aquatic organisms and has sharp edges when viewed under a microscope.

It kills cockroaches by puncturing their exoskeleton when eaten and can also dehydrate the critters. Diatomaceous earth is one of the safest cockroach control methods for DIY use, but it can take a while to work.

#9 – Baking soda and sugar

If you’re looking for another natural approach, a mix of baking soda and sugar can work wonders for cockroach control, too!

When roaches ingest baking soda, it reacts with their body to create gas that causes their stomach to burst. Combine baking soda with sugar to attract cockroaches to eat it. This method works well for small infestations and is ideal for households with pets and children.

#10 – Hire a pest control service

While there are many home remedies to help you get rid of cockroaches, nothing beats a professional pest control service.

Cockroaches are resilient pests that multiply quickly. The most effective cockroach control methods have a certain level of toxicity that could harm your plants, pets, you, and your family. A trained exterminator can help you eliminate a current infestation and prevent a future one while keeping your safety in mind.

How to get rid of cockroaches as fast as possible

The fastest way to get rid of cockroaches is by using insecticide spray or liquid concentrate. Because these methods kill pests on contact, they’re the fastest acting roach control method.

Keep in mind that these methods only work on visible infestations. To eliminate an infestation once and for all, the fastest, most effective way is to hire a professional pest control service.

What is the best home remedy to get rid of cockroaches?

When it comes to all-natural home remedies, diatomaceous earth is one of the best ways to get rid of cockroaches. Diatomaceous earth kills roaches, and other bugs, effectively and poses very little risk to pets and children.

Can I get rid of cockroaches overnight?

It’s impossible to get rid of roaches overnight, especially on your own.

Cockroaches are persistent pests, and even a professional pest control service may require several visits for a particularly severe infestation. Manage your expectations as patience and perseverance are key to dealing with cockroaches. Hire a trained exterminator to eliminate and prevent infestations.

Getting rid of cockroaches permanently
Conquering a colony of cockroaches forever takes a lot of effort for the average homeowner. Even then, you may not be as successful as a trained exterminator. To get rid of cockroaches permanently, it’s best to call in the professionals.

Getting rid of cockroaches permanently requires a mix of several cockroach control methods used in combination with each other:

  1. Keep a clean home to eliminate food, water, and shelter sources for cockroaches.
  2. Set up glue traps to determine and locate possible nesting areas.
  3. Use spray or liquid concentrate to kill visible cockroach colonies.
  4. Lay out gel baits to lure and kill hiding cockroaches.
  5. Maintain and repeat until you fully eliminate the infestation.
  6. Practice cockroach prevention to keep up with your progress.

Preventing cockroaches from making a home in your home

Keeping a clean home is a great starting point to prevent cockroaches from invading your home. In addition, here are some tips to help you ward off these unhygienic pests:

  • Eliminate entry points by sealing cracks and crevices
  • Fix leaky pipes and stay on top of plumbing issues
  • Dry up moist areas every night and reduce humidity
  • Declutter your space and remove items like boxes and papers
  • Keep doors and windows closed or install mesh screens
  • Hire a professional pest control service for annual pest prevention


Cockroaches are persistent pests that multiply fast, but there are thankfully many effective and affordable ways to deal with an infestation. Keep a clean home to prevent a cockroach intrusion, and try any of the methods mentioned to deal with an ongoing invasion.

If all else fails, you can always rely on Hunter & Coast Pest Control. We are the top local pest control service in Newcastle. Call us at 02 4956 3169 for fast and professional solutions to your cockroach or pest problems. You can also request a free quote today!