Mice Control

Hunter and Coast Pest Control offers all aspects of mice control and mice treatment including;

  • Mice control and mouse control
  • Mice treatment
  • Pet safe mice control
  • Child safe mice control
  • Mice removal
  • Kill mice
  • Chemical mouse removal treatments
  • Home mouse control and home rodent treatment
  • Commercial mouse control, treatment and spraying
  • Mice poison and mouse bait, mouse baiting.
  • Mouse infestation
  • Mice exterminator and mice extermination
cockroach control and cockroach treatment

Rodents – Rats and Mice

Rats and mice love newcastles warm climate and can rapidly breed and multiple creating mice problems in your home. Rats and mice can cause property damage but nesting in your home and gnawing on walls/doors and part of your house in search of food. Mice dropping and rat droppings can also spread disease, creating an unhygienic environment. We offer a full rat and mouse pest treatment service for households and commercial business such as restaurants and cafes.

Mice Removal Newcastle and Surrounds

How do I get rid of mice in my house? We get asked this question everyday! There are several steps you can take at home to ensure mice dont make your house their home; Keep all food in sealed containers, Seal up any holes to the house, removal any potential nesting material and nesting places in the house. We offer a professional mouse removal and mouse baiting program. Our mice bating is pet friendly and child safe. We set up a full house mouse bait program to eradicate all mice from your home.

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