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cockroach control and cockroach treatment
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Cockroach Control and Roach Treatments

Professional pest control around the home and business is paramount to maintaining a hygienic and disease free environment for people. Common household pests carry germs and diseases which can spread to your family via your everyday interactions with surfaces that pests have made contact with. Cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, ants, mice, rats, fleas, mites, ticks, bed bugs, termites, nuisance birds, possums and snakes  are the most common of pests we are contacted about in the Newcastle, port stephens and maitland areas.

Pest Cockroaches

Cockroaches are nocturnal and are common in all areas of Australia. They live inside your home, in cracks and crevices, wall spaces, under ovens, roof spaces, sub-floors, fridges, microwaves and other large appliances. Cockroaches are usually nocturnal feeders which means that they are active at night after you have gone to sleep SO seeing cockroaches in the daytime around your home is a sure sign of an cockroach infestation. In fact, for every one cockroach you see around your home there are potentially hundreds more living in your home or commercial business. American Cockroach American cockroaches feed on all the things we eat and our tiny crumbs can be a decent feed for them! They also enjoy toothpaste, leather, glue and starches in addition to feeding on discarded human skin flakes that fall from your body onto the floor and onto furniture in your home. Roaches also enjoy eating human dandruff, hair and finger and toe nail cuttings. This ability to consume and digest such a broad range of food sources have made it so that cockroaches can infest even the cleanest of homes as there is absolutely always a potential food source whenever there are humans inhabiting a space. Cockroach removal Nobody likes Cockroaches. These unwanted annoying pests tend to contaminate our food and invade our homes whilst spreading diseases.  But what do we really know about these unwanted tenants? Here are some interesting facts about Cockroaches. Cockroaches and termites are actually related to each other as they both belong to the same insect order “Blattodea”  which has a family tree spanning approximately 300 million years It is believed that due to their success as a species little physical change has occurred in their body shape or features during this time-frame, meaning that the same looking cockroaches that you have spotted in your kitchen and garage floor look the same as the ones that wandered around when dinosaurs roamed our planet! It is thought by Etymologists that most Cockroach species originated in Asia but contrary to popular belief, cockroaches are not native to Australia, with even the Australian Cockroach or “Aussie Bush Roach” originally being  introduced as a species. In their 300 million years on the planet, cockroaches have learnt to survive for long periods of time without a feed – In fact, the average cockroach can do a whole month without eating and will spend this time conserving energy and remaining dormant for 80% of the time however the average roach cannot do more than a week without water. Cockroaches are omnivorous feeder with a hugely diverse diet .  They will eat virtually any food or beverage originally intended for humans or their pets as well including meat or vegetables including: leather, cardboard, fabrics, hair, fingernails , glue, wallpaper glue in addition to starchy materials such as book bindings. Cockroaches can survive on small drips of beverages on carpets and flooring surfaces as well as  drips of fat and crumbs on the kitchen floor or tiny specks of other foods found on the floor. These tiny spillages may be small to us but  can be enough to feed a family of Cockroaches. Another unsettling food source is toothpaste! Cockroaches are almost always able to find a good feed and a drink of water when an uncovered toothbrush is available to them

Cockroach Pest Control

Cockroach Pest Control Newcastle is usually easier with the larger breeds of cockroaches such as the American, oriental and Australian bush roach however Hunter and Coast pest control has mastered the art of eradicating a German cockroach colony and has a 100% success rate! german cockroach control German Cockroach Description and Habitat German cockroaches are the smaller breed of roach with adults being slightly smaller than a matchstick in length. They are golden brown in colour with two black stripes running down their body. When in nymph (baby) phase they can appear like a small black beetle. German cockroaches are also a winged cockroach but rarely fly. Germans are the hardiest of the cockroach family, the German cockroach is mainly an indoor roach and it has developed an ability to survive cold weather thanks to human inventions with warm motors and electronics in general –  Air conditioners, Foxtel boxes, playstations, fridges, washing machines etc. are all an easy home for germans and a great place for them to keep their eggs warm. Distribution German cockroaches are globally spread as their ability to be stowaways with stored goods has given them the advantage of international migration aboard shipping containers! In fact, most of our Hunter and Coast Pest Control customers have accidentally introduced German cockroaches via the purchase of second hand appliances such as fridges and washing machines from Gumtree and garage sales or even brought in via a new roommate’s items. It is almost a certainty that if moving home after an end of lease or new purchase of a home that if you had german cockroaches at your last place, you will be bringing them with you to the next one! We have found in our experience that certain suburbs are hotspots for Germans eg. Cooks hill, Rutherford, Beresfield, Windale, Redhead, Bolton point, wallsend, maitland  to name a few!
German Cockroaches Central Coast and Newcastle Feeding on Gel
Cockroach Breeding cycles German cockroaches are prolific breeders with females carrying an “ootheca” or egg case with an average of 32 eggs per case and an average of 5 egg cases in her 150 to 200 days on planet earth. These egg cases are carried by the female for some weeks before being set free to further increase the population. Diet German Cockroaches will pretty much eat anything a human will eat plus a whole range of things that we don’t eat! Tooth paste residue on tooth brushes, glue on packaging and pet food bowl residue are all menu items that add to the buffet that humans inadvertently supply them German Cockroach Control German cockroaches can affect most commercial premises that have food preparation or general storage of goods. Stored goods attract German cockroaches because they can survive simply on the glues used on cardboard boxes as well as water from moist and humid areas. Germans can also become a home occupiers nightmare and the most hated unwanted tenant. If given the opportunity, German Cockroaches can become a permanent and ever expanding fixture. There are different traditional  methods for eradicating and controlling German Cockroach populations but all definitely require: Patience: A single treatment very rarely can eradicate a colony due to their fast breeding cycle . Hunter and Coast pest Control averages two treatments per home or business for German cockroaches. Persistence: Cockroaches breed rapidly with most breeds remaining pregnant for life  and studies confirm they develop faster when their population is under stress , so simply spraying them only flushes them and causes panic and therefore further breeding, this is nature’s way of preserving the species and after 300 million years of survival these guys KNOW how to preserve their species! Knowledge: It is essential that your pest controller has a broad depth of knowledge of how German cockroaches and how they move and live throughout your home as well as which problem areas exist eg. Places such as under the kettle base, inside the fridge seals and behind fridges are almost always hot spots for German cockroaches.

Cockroach Control Treatments

Cockroach Spraying All species of cockroach except the German cockroach are sprayed for during our standard, Pet Friendly General Pest Spray. Our technicians use a professional motorised back pack sprayer to apply a non-water soluble, no odour multi-insecticide which works both to kill and repel a range of insects including cockroaches and spiders. Our technician creates a barrier both inside and outside your home which prevents cockroaches from wanting to enter your property from the outside as well as evicting or killing your existing cockroach tenants. Cockroach Baiting products Our range of gel bait applications have been 100% successful for eradicating German cockroach colonies when used in combination with other products such as sticky traps, flushing agents and growth regulators. Pheremone Sticky Board Traps Pheremone sticky boards are a helpful tool for our German Cockroach treatments, they attract females with eggs and prevent the eggs from growing up and increasing the colony size. A female German cockroach carries an average of 32 eggs on her egg sack or “ootheca” so if half of those eggs were female you can see how the colony can expand in numbers so quickly!   Cockroach Newcastle is the home to a variety of common cockroaches, including – Australian cockroaches, American cockroaches and German cockroaches. Roaches are known to cause damage to your home and spread disease creating health risks such as asthma. Cockroach dropping and cockroach infections are a nightmare pest problem. We offer a full cockroach eradication service including cockroach spray treatments and guaranteed cockroach removal. Our professional cockroach exterminators will ensure that your house is sprayed thoroughly including known cockroach nesting and breeding areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, walls and cracks and crevices. Say goodbye to your roach problem! oriental cockroach controlOriental Cockroach Appearance Black with a slight shine to them or sometimes a dark red to brown usually approximately 25mm in length Unlike most cockroach species, the female oriental cockroach have no wings, only two small wing pads. This cockroach is less common in the Newcastle region and more common in Sydney. Suburbs such as Redhead, caves beach and Belmont do have more Oriental cockroach sightings and require a general spray treatment. Habitat The Oriental cockroach is known for inhabiting sewer pipes and stormwater drains and has a strong swimming ability .  They will often enter a home via a drain so it is importnat if you have a spare shower or bathroom to make sure you run the taps to flush the drains so they do not stagnate and become the portal for entry for these roaches. Colder times of the year will see the oriental cockroach seek warmth inside a home. Diet Like most cockroaches, the oriental cockroach is not a fussy eater and their sewer occupation often means they are riddled with disease which they can spread in your home. Their disgusting diet also makes them the smellier of the cockroaches and pest control is a MUST. Treatments for the Oriental cockroach The Hunter and coast Pest Control GENERAL SPRAY includes oriental cockroaches so there is no extra cost if your home has oriental cockroaches and our treatment will repel them from wanting to enter your home. brown banded cockroach controlBrown-banded Cockroach Appearance Light or dark brown in colour and about  about 12mm in length. Both the male which can be identified as being long and skinnier than an average American or oriental have lighter-coloured bands running across their wings.The female is more oval in her appearance with the same colouring. Habitat Brown-banded cockroaches require less moisture than other cockroaches for their survival however they will mostly be found in kitchens like the german cockroach as they like to locate themselves near their most guaranteed food source. Diet These cockroaches are not fussy eaters, they are omnivores and can even survive on glue as a food source. Roach control: brown-banded cockroach The Hunter and Coast Pest control general spray INCLUDES Brown-banded cockroaches. This cockroach is not often spotted by our clients prior to a spray but dead or dying ones will appear for weeks to come after a spray if there was a decent population of them. american cockroach controlAmerican Cockroach (Flying Cockroach) Appearance Up to 50mm long this is the largest of the house-infesting cockroaches and the MOST common problem roach in the Newcastle, port stephens, maitland, cessnok and lake Macquarie areas. 70% of the work performed by Hunter and Coast Pest Control is for the eradication of American Cockroaches.  They are Reddish brow to black, with a yellowish figure-8 pattern on the back of their head. Habitat American cockroaches are found everywhere inside and outside a home or business. Kitchens are often a key place for them as well as entertaining areas and garages. These cockroaches roam from inside and outside your home but actually spend 75% of their time Dormant. Diet Omnivorous Scavenger; eats almost anything and eats everything and anything that you and your family eat. An American cockroach can survive a month without food, a week without water and a week without a HEAD! Pest control: American cockroach American cockroaches are eradicated via our General Pest Spray. The spray leaves behind a micro encapsulated barrier which works as a repellent and insecticide. Once the cockroach has made contact with the barrier (usually out of desperation to seek food or water) their legs will pick up the residual product from the spray barrier. The cockroach will then clean itself and ingest the insecticide which will then break down their synapses and cause spasms and death. When a cockroach is found alive yet on its back it has almost certainly ingesting poison which has caused a spasm so strong it has flipped on its back. With no physical ability to flip themselves back over they will eventually die.

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