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Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Control

What Are Bed Bugs?

The common Bed Bug found in Newcastle and surrounds local pest control areas are a quite small parasitic insect which tends to feed on a human by taking their blood. This is done by biting the person and effectively piercing their skin usually whilst asleep. Unlike common brown ticks or paralysis ticks, bed bugs don’t live on humans or burrow into the skin making identification more difficult.

Bed Bugs do move around well in the cover of darkness but only move short distances to feed. When looking for bed bugs, the most common places are under bed slats and in the creases of a mattress. If Bed Bugs themselves are not seen, look for discarded shells and droppings

Bed Bugs must be dealt with in TWO treatments, 10 days apart. This is essential in breaking the Bed Bug egg cycle and breeding cycle. Bed Bugs are one of the toughest Pests to manage as they are quick to build up immunity to chemical treatments. A combination of Steam, Heat, Chemicals, crack and crevice treatment, as well as the homeowner or hotel-motel owner working with us, will make the problem disappear FAST.

Hunter and Coast Pest Control offers all aspects of bed bug control and bed bug treatment including;

  • Bed Bug control
  • Bed Bug treatment
  • Bed Bug Steam treatment
  • Bed Bug Chemical Treatment
  • Bed Bug Advice
  • Bed bug removal and eradication
  • Pet safe bed bug control
  • Child safe bed bug control
  • Kill bed bugs
  • Chemical bed bug removal treatments
  • Home bed bugs control and home bed bugs treatment
  • Commercial bed bug control, treatment and spraying
  • Bed bug infestation
  • Bed Bug exterminator and bed bug extermination

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