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Pest Control Maitland

Maitland Pest Control

Maitland Pest Control

Hunter and Coast Pest Control offers all aspects of pest control and pest treatment services achieved by professional pest control technicians. Our pest control services include:

  • General pest spray, kills pests, bugs and insects
  • End of lease spray
  • Spray for pests
  • Pest spray Maitland
  • Maitland pest infestation treatment
  • Maitland pest exterminator and pest extermination
  • Kill pests, remove pests and spray pests
  • Pest infestation treatment and fumigate pests
  • Pest exterminator, pest extermination and fumigation
  • Pest removal
    Total pest Inspection, pest removal plan, and pest prevention
  • Environmentally-friendly pest treatments
  • Guaranteed pest prevention from all your common pest problems
  • Safe Pest Treatments – Pet safe, kid/child safe
  • Cheap pest control – reasonable pest control prices, pest control deals
  • Complete pest spray and general pest spray, complete pest removal service
  • Service recommended pest control reviews, qualified pest exterminators

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Maitland Pest Problems and Pest Treatment

Maitland Pest Control

Maitland Pest Control

The beautiful and constantly developing Maitland Region of the Hunter Valley is a known hot spot for pest activity with Hunter and Coast Pest Control’s experienced Professional Pest technicians spending almost half their time servicing the region for all the major pests this area of NSW has to offer – if you can think of a pest, the Maitland Region has it and this is due to a range of factors from the warm dry summers, the beautiful low-density acreages that provide plenty of pastured land for snakes and wildlife that bring with them their fair share of ticks, fleas, bird mites, mosquitoes, cockroaches and ants (to name a few!) The Maitland Region is managed by the fine folk at Maitland City Council who have delineated the region into 5 wards – north, south, east, west and central. Coming from Newcastle the region of Maitland begins at the East Maitland and Thornton area with Thornton being the home of one of the most popular housing developments “Somerset Park” (which was helped along by the marketing of Newcastle’s favourite son, Andrew Johns) this development is a pest control hotspot especially redback spiders which have adapted to finding shelter underneath wheelie bins and children’s play equipment, especially trampolines. Responsible homeowners in the Thornton area often contact us to organise thermal imaging camera termite inspections, termite barrier systems and general pest sprays for their properties.

In East Maitland, the Maitland regions eastern wards major shopping centre – Stockland Green Hills, we have surrounding areas such as Ashtonfield and Metford where one will often find a hunter and coast pest control vehicle servicing homes for annual and bi-annual general pest sprays for cockroaches, fleas, ticks, spiders and mites. Dog and cat owners, in particular, are mindful of the local tick and paralysis ticks who have inhabited the East Maitland bushland from long before homes were built – our preventative tick spray treatments in conjunction with veterinary recommended tick products such as Nexguard, mean a better nights sleep for a pet owner.

The ever-popular Walka area provides a bucolic atmosphere for family’s to have a picnic but the water supply itself provides that essential liquid H20 to sustain insect larvae and provide habitat to insect carrying local bandicoots, possums and birds. Houses located in the general vicinity of Maitland waterways such as the hunter river and Telarah lagoon and Walka.

Maitland has a warm temperate climate, characterised by hot summers and mild winters. Rainfall peaks in autumn. Located on the east coast of new south wales near Newcastle, surrounded by the regions of hunter region and hunter valley, city of Lake Macquarie, Cessnock, Maitland and Port Stephens council. The location and climate of Maitland created ideal conditions for a range of household pests and pest problems.

Common Pests in Maitland

Maitland pest problems are linked to the warm, humid climate and seaside location. This creates ideal breeding condition for a range of pest including;


Lake Macquarie’s warm subtropical climate is ideal for termites to breed and create termite problems in Lake Macquarie houses. Hunter and Coast Pest Control recommends 6 to 12-month termite inspections, especially in timber houses and areas where termites have been seen previously. Our termite exterminators are fully qualified and highly recommended.

Regular termite inspections by our professional termite inspectors and termite exterminators will conduct a thorough termite inspection of your house including timber wall frames, timber floors and timber roof cavities. Termites eat timber and any wood items in or around your home. They can be found to be active both inside your house or in your garden. Termites can cause serious structural damage to your house costing thousands to repair a termite-infested house.

Liquid soil termite treatment and termite spray will protect your home from termite problems. Our termite treatments are pet-safe and child-safe. We also offer pre-purchase termite inspections for those buying a property and wanting the peace of mind of a property inspection before buying a house.


Fleas can be a huge problem in your house and garden. Most dog and cat treatments are only limited with how effective they are in flea removal. However, our team offers a guaranteed flea removal service. We will spray your house and garden with pet-friendly and child-friendly flea treatment to ensure your problem with fleas are resolved.


Ticks are another household pet pest commonly affecting dogs and cats. However, ticks can also be a problem for people and children. We offer a full tick pest spray treatment to control ticks in your garden.


Possums can cause problems in your home especially when they decide to nest in your roof or wall. They can create noise during the night, they are smelly and their droppings and urine can stain the ceiling and create health problems. As a protected animal, possums need to be professionally removed and relocated without harming them. We offer possum catching service and possum relocation services using possum traps.


Lake Macquarie offers a perfect environment for spiders to breed in and around your home. The two most dangerous spiders are redback spiders and funnel-web spiders, both spiders can be deadly especially for young children and the elderly. We offer a full spider treatment for your house and garden, including spider spray for control of spider infestation. Our spider pest control is pet friendly and child friendly and guaranteed to eliminate spiders from your house. Our pest controllers will treat all dangerous spider locations and high-risk habitat areas such as cracks and crevices, doorways, windows, pipes, under seats, eaves and garden areas.


A wide range of ants breed in Lake Macquarie and surrounds, and many of these ants can cause ant problems in and around your home. Ant colonies can be a nuisance in your house and garden. Hunter and Coast Pest Control offers full ant spray pest treatment services.

Rodents – Rats and Mice

Rats and mice love Lake Macquarie’s warm climate. As such, they can rapidly breed and create mice problems in your home. Rats and mice can cause property damage by nesting in your home and gnawing on walls/doors and part of your house in search of food. Mice dropping and rat droppings can also spread disease, creating an unhygienic environment. We offer a full rat and mouse pest treatment service for households and commercial business such as restaurants and cafes.


Lake Macquarie is home to a variety of common cockroaches including Australian cockroaches, American cockroaches and German cockroaches. Roaches are known to cause damage to your home and spread disease creating health risks such as asthma. Cockroach dropping and cockroach infections are a nightmare pest problem. We offer a full cockroach eradication service including cockroach spray treatments and guaranteed cockroach removal. Our professional cockroach exterminators will ensure that your house is sprayed thoroughly including known cockroach nesting and breeding areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, walls and cracks and crevices. Say goodbye to your roach problem!

Other Pest Control Services

Our pest control Lake Macquarie services can treat all house and garden pests including:

Maitland Pest Control company offering:

  • Total pest exterminators, pest removal plan, and pest prevention
  • Environmentally friendly pest treatments
  • Guaranteed pest prevention from all your common pest problems
  • Safe Pest Treatments
  • Superior pest removal service

Pricing & Service Guarantee

Being a family owned and operated pest company Hunter and Coast Pest Control guarantees its pest treatments, ensures we are prompt with contacting our clients, all are pest technicians are qualified, polite and on time! We offer a cheap pest control treatment service without compromising on the quality. We also offers competitive pricing, prides itself on excellent customer service – highlighted by our numerous online positive reviews and recommendation, We pride ourselves on being the best pest removal company in Newcastle.

  • Interior Pest Treatment: We offer a safe pest spray and other pest treatments for the inside of your home. We treat problem pest areas where pests hide such as your home’s cracks and crevices. We will treat the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, garage and all doors to the exterior of your home.
  • Exterior Pest Treatment: Most pest problems begin outside, our pest technician will assess your main risk areas and target points of entry for pest into your home, and then lay down a protective barrier, usually an exterior pest spray, around your home and garden.

Newcastle Pest Control Company – Pest Control Services

Maitland Service Area

Hunter and Coast Pest Control services homes Maitland wide and surrounding areas including the following:

Is a city in the Lower Hunter Valley of New South Wales, Australia and the seat of Maitland City Council. The population of this area is approximately 67,132 people according to the census report that was carried out in 2011, this region has a density of 513.6/km2 and the area 392km2. The area is located 166km North of Sydney and 35km North west of Newcastle.

The area has a warm temperate climate with hot summers and mild winters, the areas surrounding this region include Cessnock and Singleton government areas. A suburb of maitland, is also popular for its fashion, cafes and specialty shops. Tourism is also a significant local industry. The modes of transport include railway, air where there is Maitland Airport. There is Media sources including Print media, Radio, Television among others. The area also serves as an educational center, sports and recreational facility.


Maitland owes its success to the Hunter River upon which it was established. Back in the day, it became a distribution hub for outlying areas, and the town simply swelled from there. At one point, Maitland was the second largest town in Australia, which lasted all of 20 years until the Victorian gold rush drew attention elsewhere.

Maitland is the seat of the Maitland City Council.

Maitland North

As the name suggests, Maitland North is situated at the upper end of Maitland. It features a large number of residential and shopping areas, including the local K-Mart. The Maitland Hospital lies just off the A43, near the Telarah Lagoon.

Maitland Vale

Maitland Vale was built along the Maitland Vale road, and borders the rapidly expanding suburb, Aberglasslyn. The land is mostly rurla farmland, although it does feature some luxury accommodation at Eelah for weary travelers.

South Maitland

This inner city suburb situated in Maitland is separated from the main town by the New England Highway and Main North railway line.

East Maitland

East Maitland is a suburb which is home to a major commercial district called Greenhills, where locals and visitors often shop till they drop.

Sports historians will note that the World Champion Boxer, Les Darcy, is buried in the Catholic Section of East Maitland Cemetery.

Away from the shops, South Maitland is all about recreation and relaxation, boasting a number of gardens, tennis courts and pools in Maitland Park. The Park also appeals to history buffs through the Maitland War Memorial.

Maitland Pest Control – Suburbs serviced

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