Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Solar Panels are a fantastic addition to your home but unfortunately if the area you live in is prone to birds such as mynah’s, pigeons or doves you can find yourself at high risk of birds nesting underneath the framing of a solar array. These birds can wreak havoc on your solar system in a number of ways including:

  1. Their droppings landing on the panels themselves blocking out the sunlight to the panel and reducing the systems overall efficacy
  2. Bringing Bird Lice with them that eventually make their way in to your home
  3. Destroying wiring on your system

Bird Proofing:

Hunter and Coast Pest Control Offer a total solution to bird proofing your home which includes the professional installation of custom bird netting which is UV stabilised along with its clips to make sure that birds can no longer get under the system. This installation includes nest removal and lice and mite treatment.


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