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Specialists in Silverfish Control Newcastle, Maitland, Lake Macquarie

Silverfish Control  Newcastle, Maitland, Lake Macquarie

Silverfish Control Newcastle, Maitland, Lake Macquarie

Hunter and Coast Pest Control offers all aspects of silverfish control and silverfish treatment including:

  • Silverfish control
  • Silverfish treatment
  • Silverfish removal
  • Child and Pet safe silverfish control
  • Kill silverfish
  • Silverfish spray
  • Home silverfish control and home silverfish treatment
  • Commercial silverfish control, treatment and spraying
  • Silverfish infestation
  • Silverfish exterminator and silverfish extermination


silverfish controlCommon Silverfish


Like something out of the dinosaur era, they appear slim and shin and usually silver or grey, with long antennae and three tail-like appendages in their back; up to 25mm in length.

Silverfish are often spotted near plumbing, in cupboards and in roof spaces as they like to live in dark warm places. In addition to being carnivorous, they can also eat paper, book bindings, glue, starchy substances as well as anything sugary. They also eat gum and both natural and synthetic fibres and materials from your clothing, linen and soft lounges and rugs. The way they can spread diseases is by the shedding of their scales and leaving their faeces around a home or workplace. We often find silverfish amongst elderly peoples homes as the environment is often less disturbed, darker for longer and sometimes musty.

Silverfish Pest Control:

Silverfish are included in a GENERAL spray treatment however if there is an infestation of them, we will need to be informed as the job will take more time and more products.

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